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Arc Nova Nexus

Where Community and Crypto Unite

Welcome to our Arc Nova Nexus, your gateway to a rewarding and dynamic crypto community.

Here, your active participation isn’t just appreciated—it’s rewarded. Engage on our Discord, support us on social media, or immerse yourself in our games, and you'll earn credits and level up.

These aren't just points; they're your ticket to exclusive items, roles, and more.

So, come on in and make your engagement count!


What is Discord?

Discord is more than just a chat app. It's the bustling hub where all the magic of Arc Nova Nexus happens. Think of it as the basecamp for our vibrant community.


Why Discord?

Discord offers the perfect mix of real-time interaction and organized channels. That means you can jump into voice chats, share your latest memes, or catch up on announcements—all in one place.


How We Use Discord

We’ve tailored our Discord to be the launching pad for all things Arc Nova Nexus. Earn XP and Credits for every message, join exclusive community events, and even get your hands on unique Discord roles that come with their own set of perks.


Rewards and Recognition

In Arc Nova Nexus, we don't just say 'thank you' for being active. We show it. Earn XP and credits that you can use in our marketplace just by being an awesome community member.


Your Journey on Discord

Starting is as easy as clicking an invite link. From there, you level up by engaging with the community and taking part in various activities. Each level unlocks new opportunities, making your experience richer.

Supercharge your Growth with Zealy

Ready to elevate your Arc Nova Nexus experience? Introducing Zealy—the community extension that makes your roles and activities more rewarding than ever. From daily XP to solving quests about our text-based game, Zealy turbocharges your journey in our community.



What is Zealy?

Zealy isn't just a regular extension; it's your ticket to bonus rewards in the Nexus. Amp up your benefits with daily, weekly, and monthly payouts based on your role.


Why Zealy?

Why settle for basic when you can go premium? With Zealy, you're not just a community member; you're a treasure hunter. Every role you hold comes with its own set of extra perks.


How Zealy works with Discord Roles

Got a role on Discord? Great! Zealy takes that and cranks it up a notch. Whether you're a Newbie or a Nexus Titan, your role defines your rewards—daily, weekly, and monthly.


Path of the Warrior

Fan of interactive fiction? Play our text-based game 'Path of the Warrior' to uncover secrets. Use those clues to solve quests on Zealy and stack up even more rewards.


Earning and Using Rewards

It’s simple: be active, get rewarded. Use your earned credits to grab some shiny new gear or unlock special roles. The more you engage, the more you gain.

The Nexus Store

Welcome to the Nexus Store, the marketplace where your hard-earned credits truly shine. Here, you can snag everything from crafting materials to roles that ramp up your income.

The Nexus Store is more than just a marketplace; it's an integral part of your Arc Nova Nexus journey. Every purchase is a step toward maximizing your experience and making the most out of the community.

In a Nutshell

Be Active in our Community and play our Games.
Earn XP, Increase your level and grow your income.
Unlock special Rewards in the Store.
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