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Welcome to Arc Nova Studios

A Boardgame Development Company with the Backup of a Web3 and NFT Community

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About Arc Nova Studios

Transforming Board Games into Digital Reality

At Arc Nova Studios, we believe that board games can be much more than just a physical experience. We aim to transform classic board games into digital reality, while utilizing the latest technologies such as Web3 and NFTs to bring a new level of interactivity and community engagement to the gaming world.

New World
Our Games

Our Experiences

At Arc Nova Studios, we are passionate about bringing board games to life and innovating in the digital world. Here are some of our latest creations:

HoT Logo.jpg

The official Cardgame

Choose your House wisely and dominate the other houses. Every Class has its purpose - what can a Royal Titan do if he is hungry? Every House needs Peasants and Townsmen to build the foundation, Militaries to protect it... and what is the purpose of Mystics?


Can you outsmart the other Wizards?

Every Cave has its secrets... Is it dangerous to advance further? The treasures are alluring and the great powers of hidden Runes can give you the crucial advantage to win the Game.


Interactive Fiction 

Progress on your journey as a warrior, get stronger, shaper your world and earn rewards in our Community!

Arc Nova Nexus

Join our gamified Community, level up, have fun and earn rewards!


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