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About Arc Nova Studios

Arc Nova Studios is a boardgame development company with the backup of a Web3 and NFT community. We pride ourselves on creating immersive and engaging experiences that combine traditional gameplay with the latest technology.

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What We Believe


At Arc Nova Studios, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in board game development. We are constantly exploring new technologies and ideas to create games that are unique and exciting.


We believe that board games are an art form, and we approach our work with the same level of creativity and passion as any other artist. We strive to create games that not only provide entertainment but also inspire and challenge our players.


We believe that board games are a social activity that brings people together. That's why we are committed to building a strong and supportive community around our games. We want to create an environment where players can connect with each other, share their experiences, and grow together.

Meet the Founder

The Deep-Dive

Ready to dive deeper into the vision that fuels Arc Nova Studios? Our comprehensive whitepaper lays it all out, from our unique approach to NFTs and board games to the blockchain technologies that power our projects. Whether you're new to our world or a seasoned community member, the whitepaper provides valuable insights into our strategies, objectives, and the road ahead.

Our Whitepaper

Curious about Arc Nova Studios' vision and projects? Our whitepaper has the answers.

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